Aussie Grit and India

42790979_1841249082578145_6742272543530418176_oWe do not usually post stories other than race reports but we have a couple of updates.

It has been a busy time so far this year.  It will not let up for us as Thunderbolt have a full year ahead with a race in the Indian Himalayas in a couple of weeks, hopefully Eco Challenge and maybe the worlds later in the year.

India is looking like it might be seriously cold (think Patangoia Adventure Race cold).

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 6.33.08 pm

We used Aussie Grit gear for most of last year and we are super happy to confirm we will be continuing the relationship this year.

When we were connected with Aussie Grit we were excited (who does not like new gear to try) but at the same time were conscious that we did not want to use anything we did not completely trust.  We have all been racing long enough to have pretty clear ideas on what we need from gear for both racing and training.  Aussie Grit is a new Australian company and are still in the process of fleshing out their range so it was a case of using what worked for us.  What we have found is that every piece of gear we have used is outstanding for what it is meant for.  My favourites are the shirts because we use them all the time in all conditions, they have taken a thrashing and are still in great condition.  The cycling jackets are a close second.  They make you wish it was cold and wet more to give you an excuse to wear them.

The new range this year means some new likely favourites.  We think the lightweight running jacket is a winner.

The “No stone unturned” philosophy shows through in the design details, fabric quality and durability of every garment.

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