Terra Nova 2022 – not drowning, waving

This year we welcomed a new member to Thunderbolt.  Robbie Savage is one of the large crew of competent and experienced Victorian adventure racers and we expected him to keep us old (unfit?) blokes (Hugh and Josh) honest.  Kathryn was as hyped as ever and always kept us motivated and cheerful. Preface Still Dry ..... Preparation is... Continue Reading →

Geoquest 2022 – a blast from the past

Thunderbolt has had a few variations over the years.  For this race had the core of the original team (Bern, Josh and Hugh) joined by Myall Quint, a young bloke with lots of experience and practical skills.  We were also returning to the well trodden country around Port Stephens. The Preparation We have not raced together as... Continue Reading →

Making the best of a bad situation – Hells Bells Maroochydore 2019

Well the drama for this race started the day before with wild weather across the east coast, especially Sydney. This meant that whilst ¾ of Team Thunderbolt arrived in Marrochydore, multiple delays and 2 cancelled flights later Hugh was stuck in Sydney at midnight with no way to join them in time for the race.... Continue Reading →

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